Karl Lagerfeld Talks Nudity & Ugly Kids

Aug 19, 2011 By Amy

With female child models taking the media by storm as of late, it’s safe to say that Karl Lagerfeld‘s response to the whole ordeal would be “at least they’re not ugly.” At least that’s what we learn from the September issue of Interview magazine, where the designer chats with French Vogue EIC-turned stylist-turned designer Carine Roitfeld. We of course had to bring you the highlights as the pair touches on erotic-chic imagery, naked models, and family life. Lagerfeld’s even quoted saying “It would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter.” So much for beauty being in the eye of the beholder…
This interview is one more reason why we love the crazy fashion industry.

The pair talk about erotic-chic images…

LAGERFELD: When do you think a photograph become erotic? And when does it cross that boundary into the x-rated or pornography?

ROITFELD: It’s very difficult to know when you’re crossing the boundary. I hate the word boundary because I never think about it when taking a picture. Very often it doesn’t mean anything because it depends on who’s looking at the picture more than the content of the picture itself.

On being around naked models…

LAGERFELD: There’s a big difference between photographing naked boys and naked girls.

ROITFELD: I was too shy, at first, to come close to these naked guys. I would stand a little ways away from them. With girls it’s much easier.

LAGERFELD: I think it’s easier because naked men are more awkward.

ROITFELD: Yes and then there is always a bit of seduction to it when one person is clothed and the other is naked, which can be a little weird. Everybody should be naked. In that case, it would be easier, wouldn’t it? Let’s do a huge naked photo shoot!

On Roitfeld’s family life…

LAGERFELD: What I think is particularly accomplished with you is that you always have a vision of fashion and a fashionable woman, but you also have a very successful life as a family woman. You have beautiful, intelligent children and they give you stability and credibility in the eyes of others.

ROITFELD: It’s because I’m a Virgo. Either you are a good Virgo or a crazy Virgo! The good Virgo side of me is educating and raising the children—being there for them.

LAGERFELD: Yes, no one can say that you don’t take care of them. You’re also lucky because they are very beautiful. It would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter.

ROITFELD: A moment ago, you said some flaws are necessary in beauty. They do have a temper sometimes. But they are very good children.

To read the full conversation between the duo visit Interview magazine‘s website.

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    • daniel bouguet

      How  irrelevant (in the formulation) the article of Interview sept issue of Karl/Carine is.!!
      Really , Condenast took a good decision to fire her .On the annoucement of Fashionnightout (Chanel.com) all over 24 cities , Paris in not even  mentionned !Here too , a stupid reaction of Anna , widely intervievewed in the car.Paris is the City of Fashion , definetely, and Emmanuelle Alt will never “pass the line ” as Carine did . Carine stylizised the last Chanel  campaign -Freja in a “photomaton”. Carine pictures by Karl are grotesque, Carine Roitefeld: life after Vogue Patis , Pathetic and hypocritical. Loosing the Eitor -in -chief place must be frustrating /you are not more in the jet-set/
      A great thank to MYFDB to open our the eyes to her



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