Memorable Funny Moments With Baptiste Giabiconi

Aug 3, 2011 By Amy

A model, a muse, a singer, an actor, a man with a hair full of greasy product, however you chose to think of Baptiste Giabiconi there’s no denying he’s amazing in front of the camera. Ever since MyFDB featured Giabiconi back in Fall 2010 as our Model Monday we’ve continued to follow his career which has brought us amazing images and more than a few laughs. So come along as we remember our favorite Baptiste moments.

Besides his famed modeling career as muse to Karl Lagerfeld, our eyebrows first lifted with the release of his club-dance-trance-pseudo-English pop song, SHOWTIME! The video and song are both equally hilarious!

We love that major retailer H&M tapped the high fashion model for their ‘Sustainable Style’ campaign.

Baptiste and Anja Rubik painted a perfect picture together for Fendi’s S/S ad campaign.

When the model went hunting for some tail in Numero Homme, but he turned out to be just a big softy.

One of our personal office favorites is when Magnum Ice Cream paid homage to him by making a chocolate Baptiste, which Lagerfeld was of course shot next to.

Speaking of Magnum Ice Cream, Baptiste put on his acting shoes and got close to the darling Rachel Bilson for a video series which ended up being a big tease, as Bilson dissed the tall black haired model for an delicious ice cream bar.

His on camera moments didn’t end there, Lagerfeld‘s boy toy turned into a troublemaking teenager who kisses his godmother for Chanel’s “The Tale of The Fairy” short.

Closing this retrospective on a high note, we can’t forget his appearance in the buff on the cover of Dorian (a Swedish gay lifestyle magazine).

Do you have a favorite Baptiste moment? To see more of Baptiste Giabiconi visit his profile on MyFDB.

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