Science Class: Nanoparticle Pants Fighting Crime & Counterfeiting

Aug 3, 2011 By Amy

If you’re like me then your head isn’t exactly in the science cloud and you probably don’t even know what “nanoparticles” are. Leave the tricky work up to people like Juan Hinestrova, who recently introduced his a new revolutionary nanotechnology.

The scientist said of his work, “The combination of science and design has so many wonderful applications.” He has transferred his findings into textiles which have amazing capabilities. “You could go outside in extreme temperatures with a single layer cotton shirt… Other fabrics expel water.”

According to WWD, “silver or gold-coated nanoparticles deposited on cotton creates fabric that can block the sun’s harmful UV rays, render toxins harmless or provide improved thermal insulation.”

This sounds pretty amazing, the idea of wearing only ONE layer in the heart of winter sounds pretty appealing to me, I’d be happy to leave my humungous puffy jacket at home next fashion week.

His fabric and technology also carry additional benefits to combat counterfeiting because the particles all have unique signatures. He says “[Gold]-coated cotton fabrics have antibacterial properties and textiles coated with noble metal can detect explosives and drugs. “[The fabric] makes people feel fresh,” he adds “the Army could use underwear that can stand 30 days without a washing.”

Hmm…I don’t know about that whole not washing thing. But, first milk clothes and now nanotechnology fighting crime and counterfeiting, the future of fashion is earning an A+ in science class!

[via WWD, Cornell]


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