Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau: How Young Is Too Young?

Aug 8, 2011 By Vaneza

If you’ve been keeping up with fashion news, then you’re most likely in the know about the latest (and very tiny– size wise) model controversy to hit the industry: Her name isThylane Lena-Rose Blondeau and she is a 10 year old…model. Yes, you read right. And so maybe this isn’t your ordinary Model Monday, but I still felt it was an interesting take on our weekly feature.

What do you think? IsThylane Lena-Rose Blondeau too young to be modeling? Thylane was recently featured inVogue Enfants (which we covered here) clad in heavy makeup,stilettosand clothing anyone ten years older than Thylane would dream of having. But now with a (creepy?) Tumblr (which was recently take down), she seems to be getting just as much attention as other Model Monday alum almost twice her age.

What most are arguing about is the youngsexualizationof the model in the editorial, but quite frankly I see it as a form of art. Can we just appriciate the clothes? Or pretend the little kiddies are “playing dress up” but in couture?Where things cross the line and become a tad weird are on Tumblr, but even then, wouldn’t it be like having a portfolio or profile on MyFDB? The internet meme of “Fuck yeah insert name here” does seem odd, considering she’s only 10.

And why is Thylane the only one getting slack for modeling and becoming so successful at such as young age? Since the emergence of Tavi Gevinson (the 13 year old blogger) and seamstressCecilia Cassini (who was 10 when she ventured into the public), it seems that fashion is getting (or going) younger and younger. And that’s not all… Most recently, 13 year old Elle Fanning became the face of Marc by Marc Jacobs and actress Hailee Steinfeld signed a deal with Miu Miu.

So does 3 or 4 years really make a difference? In the grand scheme of life’s big picture, no (just think how fast 4 years of high school and or college went by), but in the modeling world, that isequivalentto a decade.I think where the tip of thecontroversy lies is the amount of sexuality the content exudes. Steinfeld incoutureeating pizza and dancing around glittery heels?Sure yeah, okay fine. Kendall Jenner in a skimpy swimsuit and loads of makeup for a photo shootthat went viral? Hmm…not so much.

So I guess here we stand at a cross- Thayne’seditorialtoo sexualized? Or can you see it as a piece of art wherebeautifullittle girls got the chance to wearbeautifulclothing in some fancy form of playing “dress up”?As long as Thylane is having fun, is safe and in school…I say work it for the camera (little) girl!



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