Blow Smoke Out Of Your ____!

Sep 27, 2011 By Amy

Sometimes when things aren’t the way the seem, they’re actually the way they should be. This twisted reality is what Pop magazine based their editorial “This Is Pop: Twister” off of. Readers become intimate with modelsKinga RajzakandSara Blomqvistin this fifteen page spread captured by photographerViviane Sassen. In one shot we seeRajzakblowing smoke out of her lady parts while laying on a hotel room bed in lingerie…totally practical, right? Hey, it’s fashion anything can happen! After the smoke clears, we meet the model again in a black mesh bodysuit rolling around on a polka dotted ground.

Not to be outdone, Blomqvist is doing “something” with one of those large exercise balls. But, the action shot of her painted like an alien really takes the cake. Instead of liking this editorial for the fashions, the peculiar imagery is the real star. Then again we never know what to expect from the quirky Pop magazine creative team.

See the rest of this editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Viviane Sassen Photographer
Vanessa Reid Fashion Editor
Tomo Jidai Hair Stylist
Gemma Smith-Edhouse Makeup Artist
Rhea Thierstein Set Designer
Noel Loozen Photographer Assistant
Grace Atkinson Fashion Assistant
Samantha Grayer Fashion Assistant
Rebecca Sammon Fashion Assistant
Haruhide Ishizaki Hair Assistant
Akira Yamada Hair Assistant
Michiko Yoshida Hair Assistant
Veronica Martinez Makeup Artist Assistant
Hadeel El-Tal Makeup Artist Assistant
Sophie Durham Set Design Assistant
Lucy Anstey Set Design Assistant
Noel Loozen Digital Technician
Jack Youern Producer

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