Don’t Go To Fashion Week On Acid

Sep 22, 2011 By Amy

Vice magazine missed that lecture in school when we were taught about drugs being bad or at least their friend Elektra did. She voluntarily dropped acid before heading into the London Fashion Week

tents. Considering fashion week and fashion people tend to be on the wild side adding drugs to the mix doesn’t seem like the best idea. Regardless, it makes for a great story! Editors Jamie Lee Curtis Taete & Jim Clarke�carefully documented Elektra’s reactions. �That’s Elektra to the right with a tab of acid on her tongue.

So what do we learn from the adventures of Elektra? Apparently, nothing we didn’t already know. Standing in lines and crowds are not fun, Naomi Campbell is cray cray, and skinny models can be quite the concern.

While tripping out waiting for the�Topshop Unique show our young drug user’s nerves were calmed by the clown looking lady above. After the show she was starstruck by the infamous Campbell and asked for a photo. The encounter went like this: “Do you mind if I get a picture with you?” Naomi turned to her and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not speaking.” (Yikes. Did Naomi know she was talking out loud?)

During the actual show Elektra became distracted from the fashions due to some of the scary skinny models on the catwalk.�She said, “I also started to get really concerned about the well-being of the models. They were so thin! The one with pink hair in particular. She was a goner. She had a week left, tops. May she rest in peace.”

Uhh…that’s a litte dramatic. But if you’re concerned, the pink-haired Charlotte Free is alive & kickin’.

Elektra ends her day by saying,�”I feel like I’ve been through so much. And SEEN so much. Good stuff and bad. I feel that, from now on, nobody should ever go to fashion week not on acid. It would be stupid.

Note taken.


[via Vice]

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