Dyeing For A Denim Fix? Satisfy Your Craving With M2F!

Sep 8, 2011 By Amy

With autumn approaching faster than we all would like, it’s time to get reacquainted with our good friend denim to see what styles and washes we want to rock this season. Going beyond traditional blue hued jeans, MyFDB recently came across M2F Brand Denims, a colorfully creative line that’s already a hit with celebs and known for their eco-friendly initiatives. Craving a bigger denim fix we went straight to the source, President and Head Designer Terry Siegel for more on the brand.

Your tagline seems to be “The formula for a fashion revolution”, Can you please tell us more about your Made2Fade brand concept?
Our tag line “formula for a global fashion revolution” is about being the first company in the history of fashion to design and produce an endless range of colored jeans that stonewash, fade and abrade like blue jeans, including the white yarns appearing on the outer surface of our jeans as the dyed color chips and fades from the surface. That’s exactly what makes blue jeans so unique. The interplay of fading indigo yarns and white yarns as the indigo fades during stonewashing, sanding, grinding, etc. We are real denim, not the solid dyed jeans you see in the marketplace that look nothing like blue jeans. It’s an insult to blue jeans to even refer to solid colored jeans as real denim.

How do you decide upon which types of washes and colors to produce?

 All of our colors come from nature. I develop four color palettes per year: spring-summer-fall and winter. M2F colors are tied to the nature I see during a specific seasonal time period. For example, our spring 2011 colors were the wildflowers you see blooming during spring time: Rose, Bluebell, Daffodil, Tiger Lily, Starflower and Lavender. At the end of a year, we offer up to 24 seasonal colors, all based on nature’s most natural and beautiful shades.

Regarding our washes, I don’t like to use the PP sprays and resins that many of the premium jean companies use because I think they make vintage jeans look fake and are terrible for our environment. Therefore, we finish our jeans with a natural stonewash and hand sand to the mid thigh, knee and seat to create authentically faded jeans that look 10 years old.

The denim market is very saturated, what features set M2F apart from other lines out there?
When buyers see our jeans they know they are looking at something they’ve never seen before. We are not just another blue jean company and we certainly don’t make the solid colored jeans other jean companies

are into right now. When you see our brown, green, red or purple jeans they look exactly like vintage blue jeans as I described earlier. We are the only brand of jeans in the world designing and producing real colored denim because we invented the yarn technology that makes it possible.

Why is being eco-friendly important to M2F and were green initiatives part of building the brand?
 The jean business as a whole is a filthy, vile industry that is horrible for the environment. If consumers actually knew how many chemicals and dirty dye waters were flushed from dyeing and finishing plants they would never buy a pair of blue jeans. At M2F, we are doing our part to make jeans that are friendly to planet earth: Our yarn technology has been certified by the OEKO TEX 100 standard as chemical free. They are the watchdog group in textiles world -wide. I am very proud of our green certification. Furthermore, our chemical free Clear H20 Colors dye process uses 50% less water and energy than traditional textile dyeing procedures while eliminating 100% of the toxic chemicals salt and alkali typically used to dye jeans.

M2F is known in the women’s marketing, you’ve already gotten Nicole Richie, Whitney Port, and Ashley Tisdale in your pants, so what’s next from the company? Any menswear?
We’ve added denim jackets and blazers to our collection for Fall 2011. By Fall of 2012, I fully expect to launch our men’s collection, an amazing range of neutral earth tones in naturally faded washes and finishes.
In addition, we are working on a collection of denim backpack purses, hand bags, fashion purses and cases that will stonewash, fade and abrade like our colored jeans. Lastly, we are developing three new fabrics

with our yarn technology that will rock the fashion world. Stay tuned!

Lastly, what denim trends can we expect to see this fall/winter?
A continuation of solid colored jeans we saw this past spring from premium companies….who are now competing in the dyed pant business while we produce real colored denim.

For more on M2F Brand Denims make sure to visit their official website and a big thank you to Terry Siegel for taking the time to talk to MyFDB.

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  • Gabrielle

    So adorable, I love the solid red jeans, they should be a fall staple. I would also buy custom made jeans for a great fit, along with these jeans. 

  • Yoursterlinglife

    LOVE these jeans!  The purple and the green are my favorite!!!!



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