What Goes Around Comes Around Channels Lauren Hutton for Spring 12′

Sep 8, 2011 By laurenv

WGACA Spring

Lauren Hutton Style

Lauren Hutton circa the 70's

The quintessential bohemian beauty, Lauren Hutton, who was often known for being the “fresh American face of fashion” in the 70′s, served as the muse for the What Goes Around Comes Around Spring 2012 collection. The looks displayed a mix of vintage-inspired pieces, along with authentic vintages pieces hand picked by co-founders Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser from their legendary archive. Each ensemble, from fedora-clad head to well-heeled toe, embodied Hutton’s free-spirited yet sophisticated, eclectic style.

Set to sounds of rock n’ roll from the likes of Duran Duran, the models took to the runway with hair curled to perfection, rosy lips, and sultry smokey eyes. The silhouettes were predominantly free flowing, with floor length dresses, high-waisted trousers and skirts, gliding caftans, and airy blouses. In terms of color, bold and contrast was essential whether it was the yves klein blue or metallic prints. Fabrics ranged from the silk, chiffon, and satin to immaculately cut delicate lace and cotton. Pulling the looks together were the vintage-style hats, exquisite scarves, gloves, and most notoriously the tassel pieces. Whether it was worn dangling from the neck, or wrapped around the waist, the over-sized jewel toned tassel pieces were a standout.

WGACA Spring 2012

Having taken over the Soho Grand Hotel’s club room, the atmosphere complemented the WGACA collection handsomely, with mellow lighting, luxurious satin chairs and divants, antique accent pieces, and not to mention gorgeous wall portraits of iconic artists like Sir Paul McCartney. As one might’ve expected due to WGACA’s cult-following, the majority of the show attendees looked as if they could’ve taken to the runway themselves.

All in all, the What Goes Around Comes Around’s S/S 2012 collection certainly manifested the spirit of Lauren Hutton, incorporating their vintage signatures, along with introducing new ones. I’ll admit, ever since I laid eyes on their tassel belts, I’ve had the incessant urge to thieve from any tasseled curtains in sight……

Lauren Valenti is founder of fashion and music website, TheVogueVibes.com as well as a Contributing Editor to MyFDBlog during fashion week.

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