Wixson Stumbles In Versace’s Studded Sea Styles

Sep 26, 2011 By Amy

Donatella Versace knows how to put on a good show and her current collaboration with H&M has placed and even larger spotlight on the Versace brand, especially since she’s re-opening spinoff label Versus. Versace’s runway lit up with an “Under The Sea” themed collection during Milan Fashion Week. I don’t know if the designer was taking cues from Ariel, but her bright aqua hues coupled with seashell motifs and sea horse prints couldn’t be overlooked. Above models Lindsey Wixson, Daphne Groeneveld, Karmen Pedaru, and Arizona Muse show off the sea styles.

The show’s design’s made waves not only for for their studded sea looks, but also because of model Lindsey Wixson–who is a runway favorite. Wixson has tumbled to the top, but once again she landed on the ground during the show. She, in true Lindsey fashion, quickly got up gave a big “thumbs up” to the crowd signifying she was okay. However, her post-show tweet tells a different story. Looks like Wixson will be out of commission for a short while, due to a sprained ankle. What’s peculiar, unlike other runway shows, all of the video footage of Wixson falling has been edited out of any online version of the spring collection. Considering how much we love models, watching them fall is a total guilty pleasure. There’s something so humanizing about a statuesque beauty face planting it in couture that’s always a must-see. With that being said, you’d think the brand would embrace Wixson’s strength on the runway and not doctor the footage. Whatever the reason may be, we’re not happy about it.

We are happy about about the clothes though, or what Donatella described as”The meeting of old and new Versace.” She already pulled out vintage Versace for Lady Gaga, so rummaging the archives for their newest collection seems about right. Can anyone recall seeing sea creatures on Versace garments in the past?

Watch the full collection (sans tumble) in the video below.


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