Alexa Chung Has All The Fun

Oct 8, 2011 By Amy

It seems like everyone on both coasts is obsessed with it-Brit Alexa Chung. The part Chinese, half English model, turned MTV VJ is a front row regular at both London and New York Fashion Weeks (we spotted her at Cynthia Rowley), and like the royal couple we’re still not sure what all the fuss is about. Is it her English accent? Her eclectic style? Or perhaps it’s her band member dating love life that everyone’s enthralled with? Whatever the Chung addiction is, we’re here to help satisfy your cravings with her MyFDB Portfolio. Here are some of our favorite Alexa moments.

Her latest “Mixmaster” editorial with InStyle shows she really does have all the fun! Surrounded by music equipment, Chung keeps it casual with styles that transition from summer to fall pretty easily.

Then there’s the black & white ad campaign she did with Pepe Jeans this past summer. Oh, and in case you were wondering, that’s model�Gaspard Menier�she’s walking next to.

Of course, Chung isn’t just in magazines she’s ON them…her cover shots range from whimsical and romantic to casual denim. This wide scale of appeal actually makes us like her more. She threw up hearts for Jalouse, went soft and frilly for Bazaar, and of course was her casual self for Vogue British. Notice their cover reads, “What is it about Alexa Chung.” I guess we’re not the only ones trying to figure that out.

You can view loads more images of her on MyFDB, where it’s definitely “On With Alexa Chung.” (That was the name of her hit MTV UK show if you missed the reference.)

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