EXCLUSIVE: Landing On Josh Beech, Get Inside The Mind of This Model & Musician

Oct 31, 2011 By Amy

Since today is Halloween everyone may not be exactly how they seem around town, but we love how people surpise with their awesome costumes and talents. In this case Josh Beech- along with being a modeling sensation- also has some major musical ability. Beech was the face of Galliano this past summer along with posing for Moschino and Hudson Jeans, where he modeled alongside rock offspring, Georgia May Jagger. We recently spoke to Josh about his modeling career and his band, Josh Beech and The Johns.

Music is clearly your first passion, but how did you end up modeling and what has made you continue working in the fashion world?
Yes music is definatley my passion, but I do really enjoy working in the fashion world as well. Fashion allows me to travel the world, a lot of the time to destinations music would not take me to plus I meet lots of interesting, rad people that I would probably have never met if I hadn’t worked in that industry.

As a singer you’re used to being on stage, but what are your nerves like when you get in front of the camera?
I think I am more comfortable when I have my guitar in my hands or my band behind me, but being in front of a camera is something I am definitely getting used to. I wouldnt say I get nervous; it just takes me a little bit longer to be myself, you know?

Any exciting news you can share about your current solo music projects and your band Josh Beech and The Johns?
Lots of news… We are currently finishing our european tour, which so far has been a huge success. I am actually doing this interview in the back of our tour van. You can look forward to hearing our debut album at the begining of next year and a new single and music video before Christmas. All updates apprear on our website, joshbeechmusic.com. We hope to tour the USA in March next year.

Is it challenging to balance your time between modeling and music?
I think it sometimes can be a challenge for my agency and band manager as sometimes work and music can get double booked. My agencies are so patient with me though, so that makes my life super easy. They are all really behind my music and are very supportive, if they are reading this: THANK YOU!

What’s your personal style like? Do you dress any differently for performances?
Nope for my performance I dress as ME. We are all from a punk background so we wear alot of vests/band T’s and jeans. You will occasionally see us in suits for big headline shows just because it’s fun!

Josh Beech and The Johns

Seems like you probably travel quite a bit, we’d love to know what’s on your playlist?
I travel all the time, I fly at least once or twice a week in peak times. My playlist is ptretty mixed there is everything from Thrice, Jonny Cash, Local Natives, The Chariot, Lower Than Atlantis, The Beatles, John Mayer, Poison The Well, Deftones, and Paul Simon to name a few.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring models out there?
Just be yourself, whatever you think is cool, is cool!

We can’t wait til’ this modeling and music star tours the States. Until then, you can catch more of Josh Beech on MyFDB and his band’s website. For even more, follow him on Twitter @iamjoshbeech.

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  • Marshall;)

    I have known Josh Beech few months ago in one of his concerts, he is great and is very talented, I would like to see it once in a fashion campaign with Andrej Pejic. It would be bizarre, but really cool!



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