Girls Rule & Boys Drool

Oct 16, 2011 By Amy


Taking a que from the Spice Girls model Joan Smalls is all about girl power in the latest issue of Elle UK. In this editorial entitled, “Female of the Species” we see Smalls represent woman kind with signs, a megaphone, and most importantly, killer fashions. We learned “girls rule and boys drool” back in elementary school, but it turns out that’s not true, as I’m the one who’s left drooling as Smalls pay homage to feminism & fashion all at once…Her wardrobe is beyond enviable thanks to Anne-Marie Curtis. Keeping with the editorial’s themeeverything was created by female designers.Snakeskin boots anyone?

These shots were captured by photographerAlexei Hayand the sequined dress she’s wearing below reminds me of the upcoming sea trend. You can catch more of Smalls and her feminist mission on MyFDB.




Professional Credits:


Alexei Hay Photographer
Anne-Marie Curtis Fashion Editor
Kevin Ryan Hair Stylist
Sunshine Outing Manicurist
Anne Koch Set Designer

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