Kanye West’s Fashion Disaster

Oct 3, 2011 By Amy

Do you remember Kanye West‘s song, “Christian Dior Denim Flow”, where he gives shout outs to over twenty top models? Well,after cat-calling the models, hiring the A-list models and presenting his spring 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week couldn’t save Kanye from the treacherous reviews he’s been receiving.Considering his show and design debut were one of the most hyped up events for Paris Fashion Week, it seems like everyone spoke too soon with anticipation.

Karlie Kloss, Anja Rubik, Chanel Iman, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Jourdan Dunn, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Eniko Mihalik, Kendra Spears, Anais Mali, Mirte Maas, and more all strutted down the catwalk in the odd array of attire which made up Kanye’s collection.

If this wereProject Runway, Heidi would definitley be saying “auf wiedersehen” to the rapper-turned-deisnger, as his collection seemed to lack a comprehensive vision. Many pieces were oversized so exaggerated that they look unwearable. In one look there’s a nude cutout bandage, another fur, and another includes some sort of hood with teeth. Then poor Eniko Mihalik’s boobs don’t look appealing at all in a very little black dress, while Chanel Iman wears an ivory and off-white jacket with pants that look like they’re falling off the petite model. It all just feels a tad bizarre and lost.

This was West’s first attempt at designing and he had access to some of the best fashionable minds in the world (including Central Saint Martins professor Louis Wilson) and even that couldn’t save him. Then again, just because he met with intelligent minds, doesn’t mean he listened to them…we’ve all heard Kanye can have a bit of an ego… At least he puts his money where his mouth is?

On the bright side, the strappy heels were pretty cute! What do you think of Kanye West’s first attempt at designing?

[images via Style.com]

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    • Moraima

      I really don’t think its that bad, considering some of the things that some top designers put out there and expect normal people to wear.

    • chocho

      Kanye West is a blessed man who seems to be extremely arrogant and elitist (no judging lol) let’s hope he humbles himself and tune into his creativity and really produce a collection that makes sense – there are a trillion people creative to no end whom have tried for the opportunity this man has – this world is bizzare – lost for words.



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