Satchel Up With Angel Jackson

Oct 4, 2011 By Amy


Looking to spice up your fall wardrobe? If you like eye-catching handbags complimented by bold colors then we have just the brand for you. Meet Angel Jackson! Hailing from the UK, this handbag line is paving a new road made of purses filled with color, metallics, and sequins– all things we adore! They design a wide array of bags, but we liked their vintage collection so much that we’ve joined forces with the brand for a luxe giveaway. One lucky MyFDBlog reader will be toting their treasures in this limited edition Disco Rainbow Jai satchel accented with gold trim (retail £237.00).

Created by two sisters all of Angel Jackson’s products are made of ethically sourced materials, while the brand continues to be known for their design and fashion forward aesthetic. Their pieces are not for the faint of heart, and tend to be carried with beaming pride.


How to snag a satchel…


Official Rules: This contest is open to all international entrants. You must leave a comment with your email address (kept private) to be entered. A winner will be chosen based upon their response and notified after the close of the contest. One entry per person and entries will be accepted up until October 31st at 1:00 PM (PST). All emails will be entered into the Angel Jackson and MyFDB mailing lists. Thank you to Angel Jackson for the prize and for more product information visit their official website.

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  • Deana
  • https://twitter.com/cobraxcobrax Richard Peterson

    Erin Wasson!

  • Kendra

    Gotta be the Russian trend. Because there is something so oddly flattering about a gigantic fur hat. https://www.myfdb.com/editorials/110915-elle-editorial-from-russia-with-love-october-2011 

  • https://twitter.com/cobraxcobrax Richard Peterson

    The Russian Trend

  • https://twitter.com/sunchicka sunchicka

    BODY ELECTRIC, it reminds me of attention commanding risk takers

  • Zoe

    I love the bright colours of these bags.

  • https://twitter.com/cobraxcobrax Richard Peterson

    October 2011 Body Electric!

  • Anonymous
  • Sdaniele28

    Definitely LOVING the clean makeup with a bold (red) lip. Anyone with a little confidence and inner beauty can rock this look. It is/will be forever timeless and classic. This fall trend can dress up any outfit or bag ;)

    Sarah Daniele
    [email protected]

  • https://thrillofthechaise.com/ Kate

    Has to be ‘texture’.  More specifically anything sequin or velvet.  I mean, come on, when you’re walking around in the cold in velvet, don’t you just want to hug yourself?  Or better yet, get someone else to give you a cuddle?  :)

  • Shantae25

    OMG this is beautiful!!! I’m in love with SEQUINS!!! And I’m obsessed with PINK!! :D *puts back of hand on forehead and falls on the floor like a Princess*

  • Dee

    Really loving the You Need a Man editorial (https://www.myfdb.com/editorials/112647-glamour-editorial-you-need-a-man-not-a-boy-and-other-love-lessons-from-the-funniest-woman-on-tv-november-2011). The dress is stunning and I love how it portrays a real woman in a closet full of options. glamorous yet realistic! :)

  • Dee

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  • Bec

    Have recently broken up with my long-time love of monochrome to enter a tumultuous affair with brights and prints (e.g.  https://www.myfdb.com/tear_sheets/365911-vogue-british-editorial-the-bright-young-things-october-2011-shot-1). It’s comforting to know that when tans fade we still have the ability to turn heads with  colour! 

  • Bec
  • Daniela

    I will say Bright colours. I think they’re definitely having a moment. I love this trend because it accentuates the creativity in a look and gives that fun and cheerful aspects at the wardrobe. Also (if you are not bold enough to go for a total vivid outfit) this colours can be easly combined with the neutral ones and still make a look eye-catching.

  • Emily

    Colored denim and collegiate prep style, preferably together! I love the modern twist on timeless styles.

  • LB

    Fave fall trend: tie-neck blouses https://ow.ly/6Ywba

  • Estella miller

    love the tights and jumpers this year. the jewel colors are fabulous!

  • MilaXX

    I love striped sweaters i bright colors like the sweater Nicki is wearing.

  • https://www.iheartheels.com Iheartheels

    Gosh, I love this brightly-colored coat. Better yet, I love ORANGE. What a great color for fall, and pops so well against the tried and true chocolate brown. My heart beats a little faster just glancing at this editorial. LOVE. https://www.myfdb.com/tear_sheets/364278-glamour-editorial-coat-check-october-2011-shot-1

  • Melissa D Doucet

    Lace and aztec prints are my favorite fall trend

  • Brightening_soul

    I love that the lace trend is still going strong, and I love the cobalt blue it is such a bold color for fall/winter. 

  • https://twitter.com/SpaceCadet90 Space Cadet

    The trend I love are the bright colors with bold accessories so fab! Love this ad depicting it – https://www.myfdb.com/tear_sheets/364322-lucky-editorial-the-new-frontier-october-2011-shot-1

  • NatashaG

    Absolutely love the colours, very easy to work with.  Perfect for the spring racing carnival here in Melbourne! Would definitely love to show this off with a one tone body hugging dress.

  • Autumnhaiku

    Pow Pow!
    I love accessories that look like jewelry…makes my black garb fade into the background, makes me feel less like a 95 year old Greek widow.
    Love it all!

  • Colleen McMahon

    I’m too old now and never was confident enough to wear my favorite fall fashions: Tom Ford, of course, but his spirit, colors, and zestsexiness are channeled in this fabulous Angel Jackson Disco Rainbow Jai satchel, and this I know I can rock!

  • https://sparksignite.blogspot.com Laura

    I really love the “Red Hot Fashion” editorial featuring Lindsey Wixon, with a spotlight on the trend of wearing bright colours, particularly bright red. Not only is red my favourite colour, but it’s the colour of confidence and strength, which I think is so important nowadays when women are trying to step up their game and not be put down in the workforce and in society in general by men. Red stands out, which, in my opinion, helps you stand out if you’re not the most outgoing person. So, not only is it a beautiful editorial, but it also promotes strength and boldness! :)
    Thanks for hosting this contest!
    - Laura S / [email protected]

  • Shantae25

    I love the “Black Tie {With a Twist} Editorial” A LOT!!!! Blanca Suárez looks beautiful in all the photos. I can’t even choose my favourite look. The masculine meets feminine is perfected in this editorial!  To me, this trend shows a powerful women, wearing and doing what she wants. That dosen’t necessarily mean that she’s a rebel, but she just wants to be treated equal which I ADORE! This trend is alos very versatile for women who don’t want to be glamorous at all time, but still chic. I hope I can win one of those beautiful bags, (sequins, glitter and anything sparkly is my best friend). I’ve been entering contests for them, so maybe I’ll win here! :)
    -Shantae J [email protected]

  • Nimra Asad

    Being a woman in Pakistan I am mostly hard pressed to translate the most drool worthy, gorgeous international trends into acceptable local outfits. It is this very reason that my eye was caught by ‘Urban Renewals-Editorial Tear Sheet’ for surface magazine Oct 2011. The trends featured within show coats merging the traditional with the new (similar cuts but new colours, fabric etc) and also winter street wear that can so easily be worn in Pakistan. Trends like these help our wardrobes to a great extent even here.
    [email protected]

  • Estefania Liahut

    I personally love the Coat? Check. Editorial, because coats will never go out of tune, specially because fall- winter is my fav season and I’m always looking for new looks and for coats that are useful during any time of day, plus I’m a graphic designer, trends and colors are always on my sight.

  • Natasha Neris

    Chic flicks somehow don’t make me cry but I’m pretty sure I will if I win this, and most likely squeal as well.

    I would really appreciate it.


  • https://ewwitsnikki.blogspot.com Nicolette Sison

    I would have to say, CHUNKY KNIT SWEATERS because not only are they comfortable, but you can never really go wrong with them because they come in all different shapes, sizes, texture and colors. Also, chunky knit sweaters can be worn in multiple ways. It can be dressed down by just pairing it with some comfortable leggings or even your favorite jeans and some slouch boots or any sneakers of your choice if you’re feeling really lazy. And, it can also be dressed up by pairing it with a nice sheer maxi skirt adorned with some accessories, or with a bodycon skirt, if that’s what you would prefer. Regardless of how you wear your chunky knit sweater, whether it would be out of necessity or trend, it would always be in fashion because it simply is just a must-have in your closet for either or both reasons.

  • https://glamoland.tumblr.com Lola Brazil

    MENSWEAR with a feminine twist, Fall Fashion to love! Taking things beyond just a blazer this season, masculine pieces combined with feminine accessories or color palettes seem to find the right balance between glamour and haberdashery. From well-tailored trousers to chapeaus, the dandylike charm of menswear collections perfectly-tailored and sized for women is one of my favorite fall trends. The contrast of silhouettes gives any woman an edge without overwhelming one’s body in fit or fabric.

  • https://glamoland.tumblr.com Lola Brazil
  • https://twitter.com/AshleyLaurel Ashley Laurel

    I love the juxtaposition between the flamboyant color and texture these bags have with how tailored the shapes are. I easily see wearing these to fashion & tech meetups in San  Francisco with a simple dress and tailored blazer.

  • https://twitter.com/emmybear411 Emmy Sla

    menswear with a feminine twist- chic, sophisticates, elegant, fun, and can be used for any occasion<3!!!



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