Get NAILED With Coloring Changing Polish

Nov 30, 2011 By Amy

It’s no secret that we’re nail polish fiends over here at MyFDB HQ and when color changing polish hit the market, we just had to give it a go. Like all fads we were skeptical at fist, but voila, this stuff actually works- all you need is sunshine. The color changing, Blaze Nail Lacquer is formulated with UV-activated SolarActive� technology. It�s essentially getting two polish colors in one.�Blaze is also another fun way to take your nail art to the next level.

With holiday parties coming up, we wanted to give our readers the opportunity to paint the town (err, rather your fingernails) the colors of the season.�Three lucky readers have the opportunity to win two holiday collections from Blaze, the Night on The Town set (above) and their sparkling glitter filled Holiday Collection (below) are up for grabs. �Both sets come with cuticle oil with flowers inside it which will keep your nail beds super soft. �These sweet hues will trick everyone into thinking your swapped your polished look.



Official Rules: This contest is open to US residents only and a valid email address must be submitted to be eligible. Three winners will be chosen based on their response and notified via email. This giveaway closes December 12th at 1:00pm (PST) time. For more information on Blaze Nail Lacquer please visit their official website�and follow them on Twitter @blazelacquer.

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  • Deana Kneen

    I like all kinds of polish!!� Like a little different rendition of the french tip with color!

  • https://twitter.com/everywheresafe everywheresafe

    My routine has mainly to do with how I feel and what I am wearing that day.

  • Rachel

    my routine is taking risks! can’t get enough bolds, darks, glitter, i love it all!

  • Tupou Leota

    Routine? No routine. Paint as I feel :)�

  • https://www.dwightjenkins.com Dwight Jenkins

    I’m wearing Blaze polish right now, and I love it! I have the pulsating blue to festive green. Both colors are bright and glittery and it’s a lot of fun walking outside and watching them change!

  • Dwight Jenkins

    Oh, I forgot the routine.. always use a base coat, always use a top coat. Vitamin E oil on my nails once or twice a week.. �

  • https://twitter.com/SpaceCadet90 Space Cadet

    My routine is go bold or don’t do it at all!

  • Nicole Franklin

    It’s not so much my routine – it’s my lifestyle! �Nail inspirations come from everywhere. �It’s not just color on your fingertips, it’s an awaiting canvas. �From your treatments to your base – to your colors & textures – and finish it off with gloss, or suede, or matte …. the possibilities are endless. �Some call us high�maintenance, I call us artists.

  • Tara883

    I have a small problem. I love new nail polish. New colors, styles. I just love it. Probably paint my nails at least two times a week.�

  • Sydney60171

    no routine… if i like a new color i will paint my nails that color

  • AngelNailsIt

    These would fall in line with my nail routine, being that I change my nail color every two weeks…. I’m a nail professional…. gotta be my best advertising ;)

  • Vanny

    I am nail polish obsessed! Sometimes, it can be every other day for me depending on when�I get new inspiration for colour or design ideas (which is often, because I am always on the hunt). Blaze would be the perfect addition to my nail polish collection, I’ve yet to behold a colour changing nail polish!

  • Leslie K

    My polish routine starts with taking my old polish off. I usually change my polish every 3days or so. I love change. So sometimes I will change it the next day depending on my mood. After I take off the previous polish, I wash my hands along with taking a brush to my nails to get all of the dirt, nail polish remover & everything off my nails & under my fingernails. About every other time I take a cleanser that I use & brush my nails to clean them & get them as white as possible. I then use a buffing block & go thru the steps to buff & shine them. I only do this about once a week cuz I don’t want to remove the nails natural oils in my nails. I then put a clear coat on them. Then polish them. After putting a too coat on them I use a cuticle cream & massage that into my cuticles. I place lotion on my hands & I’m done. I usually put cuticle cream or oil on them nightly due to really dry hands. Thx for this giveaway.

  • FarahS

    I must admit that I love nail polish. From black to the boldest, brightest colors! My routine is pretty simple, I’m always changing colors between manicures and pedicures. (unless I’m totally in love with a color). I’m always buying new, fun and sexy colors. I would love to try a polish that changes colors on it own. Super cool! Thanks :-)

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    I love all types of colors! �My routine consists of cutting/filing my nails, removing any old nail polish, base coat, 2 coats of color, and then top coat!

  • Vcqt37

    I prefer to match� my polish to my clothes.� That doesn’t always happen.� As far as painting goes… I use a base coat then 2-3 coats of the nail polish, and then a top coat.�

  • Bewash20

    As a freelance MUA I am always looking for new innovative products in the marketplace to try on myself and the models.� I find that nail polish is a great way to jazz up any outfit.� I think Blaze would be an exciting product to try!� As far as my routine goes, I change out the color when the paint starts to dull or when I want to try a new color.

  • Valzie77

    I need a routine! When my nails grow too long, I cut them. When I get a snag, I file. When I paint my nails, I don’t take it off until it’s chipped halfway down my nail. That is my whole routine.�Help me start a good nail routine!

  • https://www.fashionfrugality.com Katie

    My usual routine involves a quick nail soak, moisturizing, keeping my nails short and adding a coat of clear glossy polish, light pink polish or silver glitter polish. Would love to shake up my usual routine to add these great colors into it! Love their holiday collection!
    fashionfrugality at gmail.com

  • odessa

    I don’t usually have �a lot of time, when I get a chance to paint my nails, I usually just paint them. :(

  • Shun

    My mani pedi rountine is on fiber!!!� Late last year Shellac was�major�and now I’m over it, then OPI’s shatter came along and made the offer for “design on it” �a time manangement darling…now i’m over it, but really thought It was the only solution next to mixing pigment with clear(shhhh!!! I know) for some�WOW this year during the holidays, but wouldn’t ya know…the thought of taking a bottle of this in to see my favorite aesthetician makes me feel all warm and fuzzy..something else to do ’cause I’ve run out seriously!� Getting my nails did is like that!!� Its a big deal :)

  • Sara

    I don’t really have a permanent routine quite yet but I’m trying! Since I never get much time with school in the way, so far I’ve just been soaking my hands in wet water before applying nail polish (once it’s dry of course!) I’m actually in search of a good base coat and some nude polish.

  • https://itsmechelle.blogspot.com Michelle

    I love NUDE color nail polishes, but sometimes I also want something edgy with some glitters on it! After that, you dried it and soak your hands in a water with some ice on it. Trust me it will harden the nails and make the polish last longer. I’d love to have the Night on the Town set. It’s perfect for every outfit, and love something that changes into another color. It’s so COOL! :)

  • https://www.facebook.com/people/Donna-Fiorino/100002303574135 Donna Fiorino

    The one rule with my nail polish routine is to never follow any rules. �I pick my colors based on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling that particular day. �Sometimes I wear pastels in the winter and dark colors in the summer. �The pastels soften my winter outfits, especially if I’m wearing a lot of black. �On the other hand, dark colors give an edgy feel to a summer look.

    Regardless of the color, after filing my nails, I start out with Sephora for OPI �Nail Treatment Hydrator as a base coat to add hydration back to my nails. �I then follow with two coats of my desired color and then finish with an OPI top coat. �Lately, I have been using glittery top coats to add an especially festive effect and I love it! �My most recent top coat purchase is Sephora for OPI Only Gold for Me, a gold glitter top coat. �It is truly amazing how it can transform a basic manicure.

    Between manicures, I treat my cuticles regularly with Dr. Hauschka neem nail oil pen and I use hand cream constantly to keep my hands and nails looking great! �When I feel like I want a new color, I take everything off with Karma Organic nail polish remover in tea tree or lavender. �It is way more gentle than traditional nail polish remover, but it is still highly effective.

    I just recently discovered Blaze nail polish. �I never knew there were nail polishes that changed color in the sun. �That sounds like the coolest thing to try. �It’s like having two manicures at once!

    [email protected]

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002348186359 Adele Fiorino

    My polish routine is fairly basic.� I like to keep things simple so I use a tw0-in-one top and base coat with nude or rosy mauve nail polish.� I have been wanting to branch out to darker or�bolder colors for some time now and step outside of my comfort zone.� I think it would add something special to my look.� Blaze looks like a great way to do this�because I could experiment with two colors at once!
    [email protected]

  • Emily Schlag

    I start by swiping my nails with remover just to make sure they’re clean and free of any oil. Then I do a base coat of sally hansen hard as nails nail�hardener�on both hands. Once that’s dry I’ll paint my left hand, wait about ten minutes, then do a second coat. If I’m not doing nail art I’ll clean that hand up then move on to my right hand. Once both hands are painted and clean I use Sally Hansen Double Duty as a top coat. I’ve been meaning to get SV or Poshe because I hate not having a quick dry top coat, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I also moisturize throughout the day with whatever lotion/cuticle oil is closest to me at the time.
    Email: [email protected]

  • Alexandra Fieber

    Before I start my polish routine, I wash my hands and let them dry thoroughly to remove any remover residue and any dirt or oils that may keep my base from adhering to the nail properly. After letting them air dry all the way, I start by applying a coat of base. Almost immediately, I’m able to apply the first thin coat of polish. After 2 coats of the base color, I usually spice things up. This week, for example, I applied a nude color with a pearl sheen. On top of this, I applied a matte top coat. The effect was very chic but lacked any ‘wow’ factor. So, in a stoke of genius, I painted a french tip using a UV responsive polish that is silver glitter indoors and pink/red glitter outdoors. The result was very pretty!

  • ERIN

    I normally like to start with a cuticle remover and push back my cuticles with a rosewood stick. Then I make sure all traces of previous nail polish is removed, followed by applying a nail treatment base. I let that dry, then add a base coat. Then I do my polish. I sometimes keep it simple and just apply a shade, but sometimes I add glitter or do nail art. I seal it in with top coat, let it dry for about 20 minutes, wash my hands, apply hand cream, and go1

  • Jay-C

    I make sure my nails are clean and free of any oils, apply base coat and then apply any color I wish not caring about color trends of the moment. I wear neons all year round! Apply my handy fast dry top coat and go on about my day :) I also apply cuticle oil and cream before bed and when I wake up in the morning gotta keep the cuticles moisturized ;) [email protected]

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=836882515 Lauren Kyleen Wallen

    My nail routine is to fully cleanse my hands and nails. �Remove all polish. �Soak nails for a bit. �File/cut nails and clean up cuticles. �Then apply Growth Promoter as a base coat, then whatever color I choose. �(I love ALLLL colors and change several times a week.) �I apply 2-3 coats of color. �Allowing them to dry fully between each. �Then apply a top coat. �Then apply cuticle oil and lotion. �

  • Veronica Hubble

    I love nails and polish! When it comes to doing my nails I always take off the old first. Then I file my nails, push back the cuticle and wash my hands. I use a base coat and then put on 2 coats of color. Sometimes I add a pretty design like a swirls and rhinestones and then finish it off with a fast drying top coat! I try to do this once a week. Sometimes I let my nails go naked for a while. I’m always using a hand and cuticle creme a few times a day. :)

  • Cindy

    Looking at nail blogs and youtube videos completely changed my nail routine! Since I was introduced to the magic that is Konad, I’ve done my nails at least once a week (this is me showing restraint!)
    After seeing tips on “how to get the perfect manicure”..changing even how I applied nail polish and top coat made it look loads better and look awesome for longer! So basically, the details matter, and I am now a polish fanatic!
    indyhaw at gmail dot com

  • https://profiles.google.com/ladymystra Sandra B.

    First I clean my hands by removing any leftover nail polish and then I wash with soap.� Next I put on cuticle softener and the cut and/or file my nails.� Wash my hands again and apply a base coat.� Then all I need to do to finish is paint my nails.

  • https://starlightradiance.blogspot.com Sarah at Starlight Radiance

    I use my base coat, color, and Poshe top coat. When I have time, I love to do fun nail art or a great funky french! Glitters and bold colors are my favorites!

  • TC

    It’s not so much a routine, but I kind of go with the season or with the clothes that I’ll be wearing that season. The colors and designs I create are often just inspirations,�spontaneous ideas,�or what the atmosphere feels like. Definitely when I do do my nails, I start from cuticle treatment to using a base coat, color, then designs, and finally with a top coat.

  • Mrsmonique

    I usually take off polish and quickly shape my nails. If I have time I will buff my nail bed,followed�with�base coat,then quickly polish. My base coat doubles as a top coat.
    Waiting for them to dry without my youngest stepping on them..�My fav color pink.
    �I have experimented with different colors. But, I LOOOOVE the Hot pink!!

  • Anonymous

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    Very Best,

    Amy Gan
    [email protected]

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