Make Up For Ever Flags Down Hollywood

Nov 11, 2011 By Amy

What do True Blood and Avatar have in common? Makeup artists from both films used Make Up For Ever products to create some of the memorable looks we love. Therefore, it’s about time Make Up For Ever had a presence in Los Angeles. Today (11/11/11) marks the opening of their Robertson Blvd flagship boutique, which is unlike any other cosmetic store I’ve ever entered into. Considering all girls (and some boys) love getting their makeup done, the store serves as a haven for cosmetic junkies. Their cosmetics are high quality and one of my personal favorites, but what’s cool is the retail shop boasts things you can purchase everywhere. For instance, you’ll find an abundance of huge sizes of their popular foundation, glitter, wild eyelashes, and blood (seriously, they have a few types to pick from too).

The staff is super friendly and their goal isn’t primarily to sell you products, it’s more about educating you on how to use them. Pro artists will help teach you which products are best suited for your skin type and face shape. Then with a minimum $40 purchase, you’ll be given a complimentary focus lesson on how to create your ideal eyebrow, complexion, contour, or one of their pro looks yourself. Taking this Make Up School concept a step further, the store is also equipped with a a smart board – a giant interactive screen – which allows artists to create custom face sheets and review application techniques with clients. If your memory is lacking, you can purchase one of their cutesy lipstick USB drives and step into their makeup instruction booth. Here a pro artist will walk you through the application process and you’ll leave with a recording of the session. It’s the first booth of its kind, and I think it’ll be a big hit.

For professional makeup artists, there’s a Pro Loft, which will open across the street. The loft will host seminars and serve as an open venue for shoots & makeup sessions. It’s an appointment only destination, but given there are so much pro artists in this city, I’m sure it’ll become a well-known spot industry spot.

Whether you’re a pro or a regular makeup junkie, the new shop is a must-see!


Visit the flagship at 132 S. Robertson Blvd and the Pro Loft is located at 101 S. Robertson Blvd

[images via RZ & MUFE]

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  • sherry

    Let’s talk franchise. I want this store here in Killeen, TX… It is a must have. 


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