Scarved For Life & Tied Up With Sabina Les

Nov 1, 2011 By Amy

Hailing from a creative background most people wear New York pride on their sleeve, but designer Sabina Les wears it around her neck. Her luxe collection of scarves carry a deep-rooted architectural influence inspired by the city that never

sleeps. Rapidly growing in notoriety her pieces are a must-have for stylists and her creations are frequently spotted in Elle magazine. A simple scarf can completely transform an ensemble, so we had to twisted up with Sabina to learn more about her eponymous line.

You’ve been into fashion your entire life, but what made you want to venture into the accessories market with scarf design?
I was thinking about starting my brand with something that I haven’t designed for anyone else. And at that time I was looking for a new silk scarf and I couldn’t find a design that was distinctive, contemporary and classic. Then it hit me that it was the Universe’s way to show me that I should start with designing scarves as my brand’s first category!

Bright colors and an architectural influence are just a few of the many ways we can describe your bold prints. Are there any specific international landmarks or destinations that inspired your designs?
Yes, current collection is very much inspired by architecture in Downtown New York City and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The colors inspiration came from NYC’s skyline and nighttime in Amsterdam and Paris. I’m developing new designs that are homage to NYC’s most famous landmarks.

How often do new Sabina Les scarves rollout?
Planning on four times a year and special editions in between.

Wearing scarves other than around your neck can be tricky. Do you have any creative styling tips?
I have many styling tips. My best advice is to experiment and refer to scarf styling tips on my website. For instance, besides tying a scarf around your neck any of my square scarves can be styled to look like you’re wearing a long scarf, a headscarf, a few versions of tops or even as a bag.

Very cool! Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring designers?
Fashion is a tough business and takes a lot of perserverance and a realistic understanding of the fashion industry. You’re only as good as your team of people and try to avoid “me me me and my ego” attitude if you want to be successful in a long run.


Amazing architectural influence and a huge thank you to Sabina Les for taking the time to speak with the MyFDBlog. Since scarves are the pretty way to add some fashion to your winter wardrobe, so we’ve partnered with Sabina Les for a giveaway. One MyFDBlog reader and Twitter fan has the opportunity to win Les’ signature print “Profiles Icon” scarf (retail $125).

To Enter: Make sure you’re following both @MyFDB and @SabinaLes on Twitter and then using the style guide above fill in the blank below.

I’d style a @SabinaLes scarf as a ______. @MyFDB #contest

Official Rules: This contest is open to US residents only and closes on November 14th at 1:00pm (PST). Multiple entry tweets are permitted and one winner will be chosen randomly and notified via direct message on Twitter after the close of the contest. Thank you to Sabina Les for partnering with MyFDB and providing the prize, for more information about her work please visit her official website.

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