Lindsey Wixson, Just A Regular Girl Turned Supermodel

Dec 2, 2011 By Amy

I don’t know what’s more interesting about this shoot, that Lindsey Wixson could easily be the poster child for the girl next door turned high fashion supermodel or that this shoot is from online fashion hub Style.com’s new print publication. In an era where print is shrinking and models seem to be taking over, it’s interesting to see the website-turned-magazine select Wixson for their first cover.

Her editorial that ensues is entitled, “This American Girl” and follows the model through a small town like setting all the way to the bright lights of the runway. What’s cool is the publication gave her not only one ginormous editorial, but two! We start out by seeing Wixson do normal people things like go to the dentist, shoot guns, and do laundry. (Okay, the guns part may not be that “normal” for everyone.) Meanwhile, the second half of her shoot, “This American Girl Part 2” continues to take us on a journey with Wixson. Part deux is much more high fashion focused with dreamy Parisian backgrounds…Oh la la!

You can see more of Wixson in Part 1 and Part 2 of her “American Girl” shoot on MyFDB.





Professional Credits:

Theo Wenner Photographer
Mel Ottenberg Stylist
Alexandra Horton Assistant Stylist

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