The Sartorialist and Garance Dor� Capture ‘True Love’ for Tiffany & Co

Jan 13, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

True Love The Sartorialist

Tiffany & Co, a jewelry brand which has become synonymous with romance wrapped in a Tiffany blue box, has launched a new ‘What Makes Love True’ campaign. For true love captured in pictures, the famous jewelry brand enlisted the two of the most famous street style photographers, who also happen to be head-over-heels in love with each other, The Satorialist‘s Scott Schuman and Garance Dor�. One of fashion’s favorite couples, the two constantly profess their love and adoration for one another and never miss the opportunity to collaborate.

For the campaign, the two photographers curated a collection of pictures that capture couples in moments of affection and embrace, as well as relationship anecdotes in the form of post-it notes addressed to lovers, couple’s shoes situated next to each other, and even their very own monogrammed mugs side-by-side. The photographs were then filtered through the exceedingly popular iPhone app, Instagram.

“I love this project Scott and I did for Tiffany. Mostly because I love working with Scott, but also because it�s just so romantic: the idea was to photograph couples during moments that evoked the love of Tiffany.” gushed Dor� on her blog.

“It was fun thinking about the small, tender gestures that a couple offers to each other� which are really the fuel that keeps a relationship special.” explained Schuman on The Sartorialist. “�I love that Garance makes my oatmeal for me in the morning while I run out to get our coffee. �They�re both just simple small acts but they make life happy.”

In true fashion of both photographers, the two don’t exactly opt for the average mere mortals of the world for these images, but rather those with exceptional genetic codes. For example one photograph by Schuman shows stunning actress Piper Perabo, pictured with her equally handsome (and well dressed) boyfriend. The caption sweetly reads, “What I love most about you is your ability to make me laugh.”

However, beginning January 23rd, Tiffany is inviting anyone to upload their personal photographs of love using a special filter app, which will be available on iTunes, and to tweet said photographs with the hashtag #truelovepictures. The campaign’s clever juncture coincides with the weeks leading up to the most lovey-dovey of all holidays, Valentine’s Day.

Lauren Valenti is founder of fashion and music website,�TheVogueVibes.com, as well as a Contributing Editor to the My Fashion Database

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