D Squared2 Spring 2012 Ready-To-Wear

Feb 8, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

DSquared2 Spring 2012

As the fashion community moves into displaying the new creations for Fall/Winter in the upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, it is still important to bear in mind the current season and climate. It is important to consider the fact that the Spring/Summer 2012 shows capture the trends to look forward to when anticipating summer wardrobe looks. One collection that was highly underrated was the DSquared Spring/Summer 2012 Ready To Wear collection. This playful and edgy collection represented a departure from the usual haunts of the runway. The models, sported smeared eye makeup and were dressed in everything from mud splattered jeans, to rain boots, to dingy American Flag garments. This collection is instantly fun in the drastically unusual inspiration behind the crazy, quirky, and playful looks. International festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella, Woodstock, and Bonaroo served as the focus motivation of these ensembles and the idea reads apparent. The models perfectly depict the dually entertaining and extreme side of festival fashion. One model sports tube socks with a flannel, another an American Flag bikini and fringe vest, as well as more with American Flag pieces, loose maxi dresses, and low slung belts that seem to give a too-cool-for-school vibe. Despite the bizarre seemingly unpolished nature of the collection, it is fundamentally a true Ready-To-Wear collection. All of these items and outfits are definitely something many girls around the world will be trying to emulate come summer festival season. These pieces are so Ready-To-Wear, they actually look already worn (see mud splattered jeans)!

This collection is too amusing not to love. It is not only about the boys at Dsquared having fun with fashion, it is also about a collection that displays a specific attitude. An attitude of powerful confidence, creativity, and youthful misadventure that everyone craves now and again. It is almost more important to appreciate the theme and styling of this collection more than the individual pieces. Some items, which may seem rather ordinary are transformed into a fun merrymaking look. Everyone can take styling advice from this collection and see pieces that might be sitting in a drawer at home transformed into a tough, sexy party look. The devil-may-care attitude of this collection is infectious. It unquestionably moves raging at a music festival to the top of any priorities list.

By Sarah Humphries

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