Diet Coke by Jean Paul Gaultier

Mar 9, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke

In wake of the backlash to his S/S 2012 couture collection show, a self-professed tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, it’s nice to see Jean Paul Gaultier getting some positive press. Diet Coke, which has come to be the most fashionable brand of sodapop, has hailed Gaultier as the new Creative Director to work his magic on a variety of projects this year. Picking up where Karl Lagerfeld left off, Gaultier will design a series of Diet Coke bottles and cans, which we suspect will harness the same sexy and risqué aesthetic which has made him an icon. Wouldn’t it be just to awesome to bare if the designs incorporated his most famous signature, the infamous cone-shaped bra from Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour?

To celebrate the launch of the partnership, Gaultier has starred in three short films all entitled “The Night & Day Serial Designer”. The Serial Designer Series features a guest appearance in each film where he styles a Diet Coke puppet girl (yes, seriously) in his designs. Each film heroes one of the Diet Coke girls and brings to life their personality in a humorously-Gaultier fashion. The first two videos have launched and can be watched below, the third will be released tomorrow. Have a look!

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