Kates Moss Covers W Magazine: Good Kate vs. Bad Kate

Mar 2, 2012 By Editor

Kate Moss W Magazine

The iconic Kate Moss is covering the March 2012 issue of W Magazine this month in a sinfully delicious display. In the dual covers for shot by Steven Klein, she represents the angelic good girl on one cover and the sultry subversive bad girl on the other. In W’s accompanying article Will Self attests “whether angel or devil, Kate Moss beguiles in any guise” and it is so evidently true. She dominates both covers through their divergent aesthetics with her pensive eyes and unearthly cheekbones.

W Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Stefano Tonchi explains his inspirations for the shoot in a statement to the NYtimes: “As I sat through the spring collections in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, I kept thinking about the dichotomy between “good girls” and “bad girls.” It’s an old trope that the fashion world loves to recycle every few seasons: Vampy women wear tough leather and menacing heels, while their angelic alter egos float by in airy chiffon dresses, embroidered slips, and eyelet shifts. This season, however, the good girls seemed to constantly stray into bad-girl territory, and vice versa. Designers are too savvy to go for straightforward clichés, and what I found most interesting was the way in which they tweaked familiar archetypes. One woman who has made a career (and indeed, a life) out of subverting the good girl/bad girl premise is our cover star, Kate Moss [...] But what is it, exactly, about Moss that has kept us enthralled for two decades?”

The photo spread represents the divide in the facets of the influential Kate Moss and makes us ponder her heavenly reign over the modeling industry for such an extended period of time. Although many fashion news outlets are calling Klein’s photo spread creepy for the sordid, dark, and demon-esque subject matter, the cover photos are decisively tame compared to the inside spread. The inside photos are equally as captivating and concentrate as much on the fashion as the arresting woman who wears them.

Dichotomy inside every person represented in these iconic images. They represent a paradox- a beautiful melancholy. The elegance which is present in the dark and sinister aspects of life can be just as uniquely beautiful as those obviously pleasant elements. The ideas and photos represented in this editorial are something that Alexander McQueen might have responded to. They represent a lot of the ideas he found to stimulate his exceptional and distinctive work. It is fitting that she wears a piece by the McQueen label in this photo spread. McQueen believed in finding beauty from unconventional inspirations: “It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholy but romantic at the same time.”

Kate Moss W Magazine Cover

By Sarah Humphries

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