Runway BeautyTrends: Intense Eyes

Mar 16, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

This year, at various fashion weeks from Milan to NYC and around the world, the singular beauty trend of intense and spectacular eyes emerged. From layers of color on the lid to straight up technicolor wings, the trend was definitely one that was bold and stunning. The uses of orange and blue as accent colors in the makeup palette, was especially apparent. Runway makeup in addition to runway fashion always poses an enchanting and unique challenge to adapt for the real world. Whether toned down or copied right from the backstage, our top picks for Runway beauty are surely not for the fashion faint-hearted…

1. Prada

The girls of the Prada show sported a daring mix of orange, black, and mauve with an expertly done lower lid cat eye. Although this look might be too dramatic for real life in its entirety, elements like the two-toned shadow or create cat eyeliner can be adapted for an enthralling evening look.


2. Narciso Rodriguez

At Narciso Rodriguez’s Fall 2012 show, the models displayed an array of bright colors on eyes and lips. The key to the styling of this show was that the color concentrated heavily on one feature, making it the central focus of the beauty look. The show’s artistic director, Dick Page, explained that ”The girls had either a strong eye and a muted lip, or a muted eye and a very strong lip.” This idea makes wearing a thrilling, bold color as easy as choosing a feature to emphasize and keeping everything else minimal.

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2012 Beauty


3. Dries Van Noten

The models at the Dries Van Noten show emulated much of the same ideas that were expressed in the Narciso Rodriguez beauty. However, here is yet another example that, curiously enough, orange is a hot color for fall beauty. Whether it be an accent on an eye color or a orange/red lip hue, try incorporating some orange into your beauty routine.

Dries Van Noten Fall 2012 Beauty


4. Prabal Gurung

The fashion as well as the beauty of the Prabal Gurung show were forward-thinking and enamoring. The icy eyes of the models is definitely one to try and emulate with the help of a stunning iridescent, cool eye color.


5. Anna Sui

Anna Sui makeup, like Prabal Gurung, used icy blue as an important focus of their beauty look. We are adoring this technicolor cat eye and think it could translate beautifully into an off-the-runway look.

Anna Sui Fall 2012

6. 3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim’s gals had some of the gorgeous two toned elements of the Prada beauty. However, this double decker cat eye uses layering of color in a more toned down sense. The result is still super powerful but this look definitely beats Prada for wearability. Take a cue from Phillip Lim and rim your normal eyeliner with an unexpected color pop or choose two bright colors for a more intense look.


By: Sarah Humphries

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