The Making of Chanel’s Famous Little Black Jacket

Mar 16, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Ever wondered how exactly some of the iconic fashion pieces are made? Fashionologie and Chanel just release a video displaying the craftsmanship and concentrated attention to detail that goes into the making of one of Chanel’s hallowed jackets. Starting with an initial sketch (assuming it’s by the infamous Karl Lagerfeld) the metamorphosis of the jacket is demonstrated before our very eyes in the swift, two-minute video. From the meticulous draping of the jacket pattern in muslin fabric, to the formulation of the pocket, to the stitching of the lining details, and the insertion of the precious Chanel tag in the back, the video illustrates the many hours of work that go into the formation of even seemingly simple garments such as this jacket.

This video represents an important aspect of the fashion industry that the world rarely sees often- garment construction. A little glimpse into this world, which drives the glitz and glamour of the runway, this video is such a beautiful representation of the creation process of fashion. The attention to the production of all garments should more keenly appreciated as, as this video reveals, this process is one of exertion, but also, it seems, a labor of love.

By: Sarah Humphries

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