Vogue China Channels 50s Vintage for March 2012

Mar 14, 2012 By Sarah Humphries

This month, Vogue China will be featuring a editorial full of retro American glam. The editorial called “We Go Together” (obviously a reference to the movie, Grease) displays beautifully the greaser subculture which comprised a very artistically rebellious part of 1950s Americana. Photographer Lincoln Pilcher manages to capture the photos with a stylistic sensibility of the past but maintains a fresh and varied aesthetic for each photo. The narrative of the photo set depicts a love triangle between the innocent 50s darling, which we can only guess by the iconic hairstyle was inspired by the character “Sandy” in Grease. The other vintageous vixen was evidently inspired by “Rizzo-” the token bad girl of Grease. And finally, the James Dean-esque greaser bad boy inspired by the character of Danny completes the triumvirate. Together the colorful gals and their suave greaser guy create an interesting story that unfolds in the editorial.

“We Go Together” is complemented by iconic garments that designers today have derived from a similar inspiration source as the shoot- classic lines of retro Americana. Prada, Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana are all featured with their elegant pieces styled to perfection to emulate 50s allure.

Although most of the editorial is set in familiar territory for a 50s inspired shoot (i.e. a diner, a vintage car) they manage to not feel familiar. Stimulating posing and camera angles add the refreshing nature of the photos and to their charming success. This March issue editorial is assuredly a brilliant way to become inspired for the summer season lurking just around the corner. These 1950s ensembles definitely give a craving for some vivacious vintage summertime clothes.

By Sarah Humphries


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