Vogue Gives a Glimpse of Mario Testino’s L.A. Home

Mar 17, 2012 By Sarah Humphries

A mix and match display of splendorous artworks and artifacts, photographer Mario Testino captures his own L.A. home for the March issue of Vogue.  His abode is an eclectic mix of chic art and furniture united with an assortment of inspiration from his Peruvian roots and model Natalia Vodianova seems the perfect accompaniment to the photo set in her print saturated styling. Through Testino’s youth in Lima, he found himself immersed in the distinguished décor of Peru. Such represented a similar amalgamation of history and current trends encapsulating Incan influences, Spanish influence, and contemporary design- ideas that his current residence depicts.



Testino’s forays into interior design were not always so successful. Upon moving to London in the 1980s, he adorned his apartment in a ludicrous but thrilling color scheme, Vogue describes it as “a staircase painted melon, lime green, duck-egg blue, and black, and bookcases in gray and puce against bottle green walls.” Needless to say Testino asserts that his unexpected interior style left his friends “on the floor laughing at the bad taste.” However, laughter is not something heard when viewing Mario Testino’s present dwelling- just silent awe perhaps.

His home certainly has come a long way from that first London apartment. He reminisces about a very baroque-esque apartment he had in Paris. As an artist and now avid collector of contemporary art, Testino recognizes the importance of art as an inspiration outlet for him declaring to Vogue, “The art came at a very interesting time in my career because I needed to be excited by something other than fashion. It showed me that these artists had a certain freedom- It opened a lot of possibilities in my own work. Fine artists reflect and then they act. Fashion photographers- we act and then we reflect.”

By Sarah Humphries

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    Mario Testino is known best for his flawless photographs of timeless figures throughout the latter half of the 20th century.In 1997, Testino’s reputation advanced after photographs of Princess Diana’s last photo session were published in Vanity Fair.  Tes... Read more >>

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