Chanel Cruise 2013: Baroque Bad Girl

May 18, 2012 By Sarah Humphries

Chanel never fails to impress with the sophistication and splendor of its collections. Chanel also never fails to choose a difficult theme and run with it. In the most recent cruise collection, the fashion house accomplishes both with a very rococo inspired line.

The Louis the XIV of fashion himself, Karl Lagerfeld outdid himself by hosting the show at Versailles of all places. The location was impeccable, as Chanel would most certainly have you vacationing in the style of Marie Antoinette. Cropped, colorful hair and exaggerated hips, there was a definite them of the opulent baroque trend that will only become more prevalent in the fashion world. The looks from the show featured soft pastels in the onset. Powder blues and dusty pinks made the Marie Antoinette them understood from the start.

Decadent frills and some injections of mint green ensembles give way to metallic brocades, full gold skirts, and gold sequin embellishments. The looks seem reflective of the gilded glory of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors. The silhouettes move into jacket and capri combos as well as several floral digital print dresses of light chiffon or organza.

These dresses have some of the architectural structure of some of the previous Marie Antoinette derived looks. However, they relate in the pastel color story and embellishment. Of course there are always those characteristic black and white Chanel looks. It would not be a Chanel show without them! The collection reaches its pinnacle in the several flawless finale dresses. These crisp white dresses with jewel-toned embellishments represent the perfect melding of all things Chanel with the inspiration subject matter of Marie Antoinette.  The garments contain a baroque-esque hip fullness but it is infused with wearable necklines and clean white fabric.

The Chanel collection is not only comprised of high class sensibilities. Elements like the short hair and platform creepers that most of the models wear bring a more playful and casual element to the collection. The mood of Chanel cruise of course very rich and rarified but it is also quite lighthearted and mischievous-“Let them eat cake,” indeed.


By: Sarah Humphries

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