Issey Miyake and Pleats Please! Photoshoot for Dazed and Confused Magazine

May 29, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Dazed Digital, the online companion of Dazed and Confused magazine often partners with designers and artists to produce original and inspired projects.  The newest creative venture involves Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake and focuses on his innovation with fashion fabric manipulation. In the 80s, Miyake became intrigued by a wrinkled handkerchief and considered rethinking the pleat. From this idea, Miyake then developed a new type of pleating. The look is similar to a revolutionary pleating style developed in the 20s, called the Fortuny pleating for it’s creator, Mariano Fortuny. Fortuny and Miyake differ in that Fortuny’s pleats were used in dramatic, Classical inspired gowns, while Miyake developed the pleat for everyday wear. After discovering the success of the garment pleating when put into motion on the Frankfurt Ballet, Miyake opened a boutique called Pleats Please which stocks a range of garments using the designer’s innovative pleat creation. As the boutique will be celebrating its 20th year in operation, Dazed Digital with senior fashion editor Robbie Spencer, and photographer Alex Sainsbury revived pieces from the Pleats Please archives in a exceptionally vibrant photo shoot. Trendy and fun, dark neo-goth influences juxtapose pastel hair and compliment the sleek pleats of the Japanese garments to perfection.


By: Sarah Humphries

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