Christian Lacroix’s Stunning Ballet Costumes to be on Display in France

Jun 11, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

This month, in Moulins, France, a new exhibition will open to celebrate the intricate costume work of couturier, Christian Lacroix. From June 16th to December 31st 2012, the exhibit entitled, “Christian Lacroix, La Source et le Ballet de L’Opéra de Paris” will be held in the National Costume Museum, or the CNCS (Centre national du costume de scčne et de la scénographie) displaying and celebrating the Lacroix’s costume design work on his latest production. Lacroix recently designed costumes for the Ballet of the Opera of Paris’ production of “La Source.”

The nineteenth century ballet includes decadent fashion themes of ethnic costume influence such as Turkish and Cossack, as well as jeweled diadems, embroidery, beading, and exotic trims. The Opera’s main characters Djemil and Nouredda are a focus to the exhibition in their centrality to the narrative of the show as well as their being the center of attention in the ballet. The exhibition will feature the original costumes from the “La Source” production as well as the intensive design and construction process behind the costumes. Ballet costume design differs greatly from basic garment design as a wide range of motion, wearability, and durability must be greatly considered during the process of creation. Lacroix experimented with materials such as Japanese organza, vintage Indian fabric, and Swarovski beading to achieve the desired look.

Also included in the exhibition are crucial elements of the design process like Lacroix sketches for the entire production’s costumes as well as inspiration material for the garments. Mood photos, historical reference, ethnic silhouette inspiration, and important documents coalesce to produce the final body of work for the ballet. Lacroix is a designer with a varied career and history. This exhibition represents a necessary observance of such extraordinary talent.

By: Sarah Humphries

Photos:  culturbox; Other photos are property of Swarovski. Photography: Anne Deniau / Opéra national de Paris



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