Butterfly Kisses at Giambattista Valli Couture F/W 2013

Jul 9, 2012 By Lauren Valenti

Delicacy and drama was portrayed in a way only Giambattista Valli can deliver at the Fall 2012 couture shows. The ultra-feminine collection included fine patterns, theatrical volume, and classic couture silhouettes. The beauty and styling of the show was a particularly breathtaking aspect as well as the use of intense color, and magnificent floral prints. Models were reminiscent of otherworldly woodland nymphs, fragile butterflies perched on their ethereal face-covering veils. A stunning gold metal vine accessory would wind its way around the models’ bodies in an almost ominous serpentine fashion.

 The collection initiated with powerful looks of a sanguine hue. Attention via volume was the name of the game for Valli. Many garments billowed with refined ruffles accentuating hips, shoulders, and neck. Most silhouettes were quite beautifully wearable and the concentration of volume produced womanly silhouettes that highlighted cinched waistlines. There is a touch of vintage in Valli’s work this year, as always. Drawing from the flowing fullness of fifties gowns and reworking layered ruffles, Valli creates modern looks that have solid roots in the past. As the collection metamorphoses, Valli segways from a red color palette into green with little struggle. Each look is exceptionally individual in the variety of fabric manipulation techniques used. Organza ruffles are presented after beading, appliqué, and cutwork. Some fabrics succeeded in the use of their shimmering splendor to very much astonish the viewer. Lighter fabrics began to be used near the middle of the set; printed chiffons flounced from fitted, heavier bodices. Nearing the end, dresses included more appliqué, reflective fabric, and heavy ruffling.

Valli declared, “Couture is a moment when you go really far from fashion, It’s really another thing.” This collection is quite another thing indeed, but simultaneously it is exactly fashion. Glamorous, powerful, and creative it seems that confidence would be the only necessary accessory for these enchanting garments.


By: Sarah Humphries

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