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In a particularly intriguing turn of events for the fashion industry, the established fashion house of Balenciaga has opted to hire Alexander Wang as their new creative director. The news comes on the heels of recent creative director- Nicolas Ghesquiere’s immediate departure as of yesterday. Intensive rumors that London-based designer, Christopher Kane was a suitor for the position have been decisively quashed by the surprising announcement. Alexander Wang’s meteoric rise to success and stardom from his wildly successful self-titled label and subsequent T by Alexander Wang is certainly an indication of the designer’s immense capability and vision. However, the new project of revamping the Balenciaga label will prove to be an interesting and delicate task for Wang. Initiated in 1918 by Spanish designer, Cristobal Balenciaga, early Balenciaga collections were quite opulent and referenced fanciful historical fashion. Ghesquiere’s insertion as head designer into the newly revived label in 1997 brought a new attention to Balenciaga classics. Ghesquiere’s penchant for fascinating new design elements kept the brand evolving through his years there. With Ghesquiere’s guidance, Balenciaga has moved into a future that seems distanced from the Balenciaga of the Christobal Balenciaga days but the metamorphosis is not a negative one. Ghesquiere has transformed Balenciaga into an ultramodern yet constantly well-respected label. It is due to Ghesquiere’s aesthetic transitions that the label is comfortable hiring Alexander Wang, the king of minimal-chic, for such an integral position. No doubt, Alexander Wang’s presence as creative director will be an extraordinarily different experience than his presence in his current labels. And yet, Balenciaga may prove to be a wonderful outlet for Alexander Wang to express a different creative aesthetic than that of his brand. Only time will tell what the infusion of Alexander Wang will be at Balenciaga as we can expect the fruit of this fashion union to be on the runway at future fashion week presentations. Women

alexander wang balenciaga
s Wear Daily confirmed the appointment of Alexander Wang to his new position and statements are anticipated from both parties in the upcoming weeks.

By: Sarah Humphries

Photo source: PurpleDiary


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Lana del Rey is the Face of H&M Mon, 27 Aug 2012 20:23:39 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]>

Sultry songbird Lana del Rey is the campaign model for H&M’s autumn and Christmas advertisements. The always coiffed and glamorous del Rey seemed the flawless fit for the company’s needs. PR manager Chloe Bowers discusses the decision: “We were looking for a style icon and singer to model our autumn/winter 2012-13 collection and Lana Del Rey was the perfect choice. We think she shows our fall fashion in a very inspiring way. The theme of the campaign is a modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude. Curves and waist are important in autumn’s silhouette.” Along with the ad campaign, Lana will be featured in a television ad for the company. A recording of the 1950s classic Blue Velvet will augment the short film ad. The film’s release date is set for September 19th.

Del Rey looks retro-fabulous in the dusty pink angora sweater and silk micro shorts of the promotional photos. She, of course sports her trademark cat-eye liner and voluminous hair. Donald Schneider, H&M’s creative director told WWD that the ambiance of the fall collection “is very L.A. noir.”


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Why Vivienne Westwood Doesn’t Read Fashion Magazines Sun, 19 Aug 2012 19:42:43 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]> Vivienne Westwood just released several photographs by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine. The designer looks phenomenal while sporting some of her edgiest pieces. In a sit-down with Interview, she discussed that she has no patience for fashion magazines and here’s why:

“Well, I’m very much a literary person. And my fashion always tells a story somehow. I never look at fashion magazines. I find them incredibly boring. To me, reading a fashion magazine is the last thing I need to do. I’ve got books I need to read. More people should read books. It’s the most concentrated experience you can have. You know, all those incredible geniuses concentrated their lifetimes’ experiences in books. It’s much better than chattering away to somebody who’s never read anything and knows nothing at all.”

Her massively creative fashion and unique, confident perspective makes London’s “First Lady of Punk” one of the greatest style icons of our age. One quote from the photo set really embodies how Vivienne’s fashion and attitude blend into the perfect disposition: ”I think clothes kind of enhance your experience of life.” Well said, Lady Vivienne.


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Dolce and Gabbana Debuts First Ever Couture Show! Sat, 11 Aug 2012 15:57:43 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]>

It is an occasion for riotous celebration! The long adored house of Dolce and Gabbana has successfully created a top-secret couture collection! Debuted in an exclusive and clandestine show in Sicily, the show was only a part of a weekend-long event to celebrate the line. The collection has been a project that has been in production for the past six months, but a dream that has been in the making for years.

With 27 years of experience in the business, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, know exactly how to play the game of the fashion industry. Inviting the crème de la crème to take part in this incredible couture centered weekend secured patrons from an already admiring following. Only three publications- The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaro, and Corriere della Sera as well as the editors of Vogue were allowed to cover the show and events under the strictest of standards. Gabbana explained that all the secrecy was “not because of us, but the customers. They really do not want to see their dresses in a magazine.”

Dolce and Gabbana seem to have made the event truly into an affair to remember, hosting evenings of fine dinners and dancing in the throughout the several days leading up to the show. Before the presentation of the 73 couture looks, Stefano Gabbana declared: “When we started out 27 years ago, our dream was to become a maison like Chanel, old Chanel. And now, maybe, this dream is coming true.”

1341942677-f4357 altamoda655_2272952a dolce-and-gabbana-couture-dress dolce-luke-1_2272984a dolce-luke-2_2272983a dolce-luke-3_2272982a dolce-luke_2272981a dolcemain655_2272942a finale655_2272950a white655_2272948a

By: Sarah Humphries

Photo credit: Telegraph

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Steven Meisel Photographs “Collections” for July Vogue Italia Fri, 10 Aug 2012 14:19:15 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]>

The cover and editorial, “Collections,” for the July issue of Vogue Italia is an over-the-top photo set to be sure. Depicted in spectacular large spreads are the most sensational Fall/Winter 2012 collections, augmented by dynamic compositions and considerable sets. The collections of Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Commes des Garcons, Bottega Veneta, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Versace, Rick Owens, and Louis Vuitton all take on a distinctive personality as the set and styling of each photo keeps the disposition of each collection in mind. Stylist Karl Templer creates moods that fluctuate drastically. From the lustrous dark attitude of the Givenchy collection to the quirky and amusing Commes des Garcons collections, the styling is reflective of each collections’ distinguishing personality. Similarly, set designer Mary Howard interprets the environment for each collection keeping the tone of the editorial impressive and playful. Models Vanessa Axente, Elena Bartels, Ros Georgiou, Hedvig Palm, Julia Nobis, Erjona Ala, Mackenzie Drazan, Lida Fox, Lula Osterdahl, and Ophelie Rupp are the embodiment of each look with poses of such energy and intensity. Thrilling and entertaining, “Collections” is not simply about the sensational photography or the extensive sets, but indeed about the captivating collections and their different characters. The nature of each collection and the temperament of their customer is so fantastically diverse that the appeal of “Collections” lies in the assortment.

vogue-italia-july-2012-1 vogue-italia-july-2012-2 vogue-italia-july-2012-3 vogue-italia-july-2012-4 vogue-italia-july-2012-5 vogue-italia-july-2012-6 vogue-italia-july-2012-7 vogue-italia-july-2012-8 vogue-italia-july-2012-9 vogue-italia-july-2012-10 vogue-italia-july-2012-11 vogue-italia-july-2012-12 vogue-italia-july-2012-13

By: Sarah Humphries

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The 2012 U.S. Olympic Uniforms are Causing Controversy Mon, 09 Jul 2012 20:17:33 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]>

This Thursday, the uniforms for this years’ 2012 London Olympics were revealed to the public. Classic American fashion label, Ralph Lauren was chosen by the Olympic Committee to design the outfits for the opening ceremony. In a press statement announcing the roster of the company’s “athlete ambassadors,” throughout the games, David Lauren declared, “The Olympic Games are the greatest sporting event in the world and we are incredibly honored to partner with this esteemed group of athletes. They embody the true spirit of American sportsmanship and we are proud to have them wear our product as they represent Team USA.”

The uniforms are certainly Ralph Lauren in taste and have a slightly militarial tone. The ensemble features a navy blue blazer and white trousers or skirt. The women’s blazer is single breasted while the men’s is double and it is completed with an Olympic medallion patch and a large embroidered Polo logo. Accessories include a striped scarf for the ladies, a star spangled necktie for the men, and a beret for both men and women. The seemingly harmless ensemble is causing quite the controversy since it’s release. On Wednesday ABC World News reported that it had learning that the uniforms were manufactured in China. The new information has been causing an uproar. Public anger over the issue caused Ralph Lauren facebook page to be bombarded with comments of disgust and calls for boycotts. US Olympic Committee spokesman Patrick Sandusky released a statement about the issue saying, “Unlike most Olympic teams around the world, the U.S. Olympic Team is privately funded and we’re grateful for the support of our sponsors.”

So, seeing as government funding is not provided for Olympic apparel, it seemed quite out of place when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, commented furiously, “the Olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves. I think they should be embarrassed. I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.” Obviously, Ralph Lauren should have pursued American manufacturing, no question, but calling for a public burning seems harsh. There is also some debate over whether the design of the American uniforms is too “country club,” or “too preppy.” But this Ralph Lauren, we are talking about here, the preppiness has no limits. Other critics deemed the berets as “too European,” a Fox commentator stating “why not a baseball cap?” It all just seems rather unsportsmanlike to be fuming over the situation, even though the abroad manufacturing was unnecessary and is unsavory. The patriotic thing to do is to lend support to our diligent athletes, no matter their fashion, and hope that important lessons have been learned on the part of everyone involved.

8017203_fpx 8017206_fpx 8017207_fpx Opening-Ceremony-Lochte_Clay_Lanzone_Mitts Opening-Ceremony-Mens-Updated Ralph-Lauren-designed-for-the-US-Olympic-Team-2012 U-S-uniforms-made-in-China-criticized ralph-lauren-olympics-opening-ceremony-womens-look team-usa-opeing-ceremony-uniform-uniforms-polo-ralph-lauren-sketches


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Butterfly Kisses at Giambattista Valli Couture F/W 2013 Mon, 09 Jul 2012 14:35:33 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]>

Delicacy and drama was portrayed in a way only Giambattista Valli can deliver at the Fall 2012 couture shows. The ultra-feminine collection included fine patterns, theatrical volume, and classic couture silhouettes. The beauty and styling of the show was a particularly breathtaking aspect as well as the use of intense color, and magnificent floral prints. Models were reminiscent of otherworldly woodland nymphs, fragile butterflies perched on their ethereal face-covering veils. A stunning gold metal vine accessory would wind its way around the models’ bodies in an almost ominous serpentine fashion.

 The collection initiated with powerful looks of a sanguine hue. Attention via volume was the name of the game for Valli. Many garments billowed with refined ruffles accentuating hips, shoulders, and neck. Most silhouettes were quite beautifully wearable and the concentration of volume produced womanly silhouettes that highlighted cinched waistlines. There is a touch of vintage in Valli’s work this year, as always. Drawing from the flowing fullness of fifties gowns and reworking layered ruffles, Valli creates modern looks that have solid roots in the past. As the collection metamorphoses, Valli segways from a red color palette into green with little struggle. Each look is exceptionally individual in the variety of fabric manipulation techniques used. Organza ruffles are presented after beading, appliqué, and cutwork. Some fabrics succeeded in the use of their shimmering splendor to very much astonish the viewer. Lighter fabrics began to be used near the middle of the set; printed chiffons flounced from fitted, heavier bodices. Nearing the end, dresses included more appliqué, reflective fabric, and heavy ruffling.

Valli declared, “Couture is a moment when you go really far from fashion, It’s really another thing.” This collection is quite another thing indeed, but simultaneously it is exactly fashion. Glamorous, powerful, and creative it seems that confidence would be the only necessary accessory for these enchanting garments.


giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-01_202054239718 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-02_202056219986 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-03_202058120502 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-04_202059368836 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-05_202101743904 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-06_202102930194 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-07_202104507381 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-08_202105587233 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-09_202106856842 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-10_202108629303 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-11_202109462338 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-12_202110106411 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-13_202112198295 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-14_202113972834 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-15_202114812650 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-16_202116258050 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-17_202117253729 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-18_202119360524 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-19_202120744374 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-20_202121452803 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-21_202123306084 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-22_202124659913 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-23_202125663671 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-24_202127775932 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-25_202128675060 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-26_202129808150 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-27_202131447105 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-28_202132433898 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-29_202133406795 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-30_202135354192 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-31_202136145626 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-32_202138646513 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-33_202139574178 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-34_202140266129 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-35_20214215349 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-36_202143318082 giambattista-valli-fall-2012-couture-runway-38_202146522730 tumblr_m6lq3gqOWu1rx3qdbo1_500 A model presents a creation by Italian designer Giambattista Valli as part of his Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012-2013 fashion show in Paris tumblr_m6s2dk3LNW1rn18z4o1_500 valli

By: Sarah Humphries

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10 of Our Favorite Resort Looks from 10 American Labels Fri, 06 Jul 2012 15:22:18 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]> What better way to celebrate the week of America’s independence than with brilliant American fashion? Browse the choices of some of our favorite looks from the Resort 2013 collections of American designer labels young and old.

1. The Row

2. Diane Von Furstenburg

3. Proenza Schouler

4. Cusnie et Ochs

5. Oscar de la Renta

6. T by Alexander Wang

7. Chris Benz

 8. Bibhu Mohapatra

9. Marchesa

10. Michael Kors

By: Sarah Humphries

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Lily Cole Gets Patriotic for S Moda Cover and Editorial Thu, 28 Jun 2012 20:49:24 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]>

Lily Cole gets patriotic for her editorial and cover for S Moda. This issue celebrates the 2012 London Olympics with an interpretation of British fashion throughout the decades. Photographer Damon Baker and stylist Alberto Murta channel the edgy British attitude using an eclectic mix of designers like Dr. Martins, Givenchy, Manish Arora, Blumarine, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, and Agent Provocateur. Bold accessories make up an important addition to most of the looks in the photo set. Hats range from a lustrous petit leather beret, to a feathered headdress of the showgirl variety as well as a sweetly dazzling velvety crown. Of course, Twiggy was the inspiration for the 60s look and Cole’s doe eyes suited the look perfectly.

Lily Cole S Moda

Lily Cole S Moda

Lily Cole S Moda

  • Lily Cole


    Lily Cole is a model whose big break came after Steven Meisel photographed her for a Vogue Italia photo shoot. Soon after, photographers everywhere became interested in Cole. Since then she has walked runways for Chanel, DKNY, and Alexander McQueen and has been featured i... Read more >>

    Recent credits:

    • Esquire UK Editorial Tatler-Art Throbs, August 2010 Shot #3
      Lily Cole Esquire UK Editorial Tatler-Art Throbs, August 2010 Shot #3
    • Lula Editorial Tiger Lily Girl, Issue 13 Shot #2
      Lily Cole Lula Editorial Tiger Lily Girl, Issue 13 Shot #2
    • Harper's Bazaar UK Editorial Green is the New Black, November 2011 Shot #1
      Lily Cole Harper's Bazaar UK Editorial Green is the New Black, November 2011 Shot #1
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Moschino Resort 2013: Neon, Neutral, Nautical, & More! Wed, 27 Jun 2012 13:37:45 +0000 Sarah Humphries ...>>]]>

Moschino’s 2013 resort collection encapsulates countless trends in one extensive collection. A penchant for neon and extremely 70s inspired looks begin the set. Bold prints on a mini-dress and jumpsuit bring an added punch to simple silhouettes. The collection evolves into some fantastic ladylike separates. Colorful accessories such as some powerfully vibrant cat-eye sunglasses add excitement to hyper-bright prints instead of toning down the theme.

One photo from the lookbook displays a jacket of thick neon yellow top paired with yellow and green cat-eye shades. These shades have a futuristic element in their reflective lenses and works to counter some of the vintage vibes in the ensemble. There is certainly something for everyone in this collection because as soon as the neon trend surfaces, it is gone and replaced by neutral looks of pale peach, black, and white. Several fascinating dresses employ an intricate patternwork technique of lines of high shine fabrics contrasted with matte or sheer. Other trends like embellished collars and injections of nautical-esque looks make this collection wide-ranging, albeit inconsistent. It can’t be denied however, that Moschino has found a customer in every woman as the collection caters to so many styles. New business strategy perhaps?


001m 002m 003m 004m 005m 006m 007m 008m 009m 010m 011m 012m 013m 014m 015m 016m 017m 018m 019m 020m 021m 022m 023m 024m kristina-salinovic-franziska-muller-kolfinna-kristofersdottir-moschino-resort-2013-64978454 kristina-salinovic-franziska-muller-kolfinna-kristofersdottir-moschino-resort-2013-654885777 kristina-salinovic-franziska-muller-kolfinna-kristofersdottir-moschino-resort-2013-974548454

By: Sarah Humphries

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