Global Cities
August 17th, 2011 By: Amy

London and Paris (along with New York and Milan) are known as “Fashion Capitals of the World,” but which capital has bigger and better fashionable pants than the other? According to Texan-based group the Global Language Monitor, London is currently…>>

Kooples Ad Campaign
January 28th, 2011 By: Amy

When good things come in two- it’s always double the trouble, excitement, and fashion. That’s exactly what Parisian brand, The Kooples is all about when it comes to their ad campaigns. Each image features an attractive couple,whether they be friends or…>>

Ray Ban
January 26th, 2011 By: Vaneza

Artists printing out sticker Ray-Bans and frantically running around Paris sticking them to people’s faces? Sign me up! This was the latest guerrilla marketing campaign the creative people at Ray-Ban recently thought of and I couldn’t love it more! Street…>>

Free People In Paris
January 15th, 2011 By: Mckenzie

Imagine taking a whirlwind trip to the most beautiful city in the world, Paris. You would get to ride bikes down bustling streets, nibble on petite treats, sip espresso, fall in love with those perfect Parisians and of course, visit…>>


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